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theSideline.com provides software and web services for managing tournament pool contests. The contests cover a broad range of sports such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey and golf but can also be customized for specialty contests like a Battle of the Bands contest or a local sports tournament.

Whether you are a casual sports enthusiast running a local office pool or a television station running a contest promotion... we have a solution to meet your needs.

We offer several different products:

Turbo Tourney is a software product for managing a tournament pool contest around the college basketball tournament. Thousands of sports fans across the country have used Turbo Tourney to automate their office pool.

Turbo Tourney Pro is a software product designed to manage a variety of sports contests including the college basketball tournament, NFL Playoffs, NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, MLB Playoffs and the World Golf Match Play Championships. It can also be used to run custom tournament pools.

Turbo Tourney Contest Server is a complete turnkey solution to meet your contest needs. We take care of everything related to the tournament -- from setting up the contest, to entering
pairings and results, to capturing contestant picks, to calculating and
posting contest standings.

Or click here to visit the Turbo Tourney web site.

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